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Behold. South Park changing the derogatory definition of ‘fag.’ Making it synonymous with moron, jackass and douchebag.

Once the old homophobic preachers die out and a generations passes, we’ll be left with this lovely urban definition:

“Fag, noun. Used to describe someone acting with poor, rude and unintelligent behaviour.” 

South Park is perfect

You know there is a problem when South Park does a better job in realizing the mutability of language than most adults.

fag noun , Cigarette

I’m with the Cigarette definition on this one. That’s honestly the first thing that comes to mind when I hear the word Fag. Same thing goes for Ass(this includes Jackass), Bitch, Gay, and Murder. 

Ass = Donkey

Bitch = Female dog

Gay = Happy

Murder = A group of crows

(Source: membersonlyguy)


The cellphone pic I took of the drawing wasn’t the best, but with a little editing I think I actually like how it turned out. I couldn’t think of anything else to do with the drawing so perhaps this was the best thing that could happen to the pic. This is my design…and I’m proud as all heck of it. ;D 

(besides, with the amount of stippling that I put into this was well worth the hours spent drawing this)

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